What are the top 10 applications of augmented reality in retail?

1. Virtual Try-On: Augmented reality can be used to enable customers to virtually try on products such as clothes, accessories, and makeup before making a purchase.

2. Store Navigation: AR can provide in-store navigation and help customers locate specific products or departments, enhancing their shopping experience.

3. Product Visualization: AR allows customers to see a virtual representation of a product in various colors, sizes, or configurations, helping them make better-informed purchasing decisions.

4. Virtual Showrooms: Retailers can create virtual showrooms that allow customers to browse and explore products in a digital environment, providing a unique shopping experience.

5. Interactive In-Store Displays: AR can be utilized to create interactive displays that engage and entertain customers while showcasing products and offers.

6. Augmented Loyalty Programs: Retailers can use AR to enhance loyalty programs by offering exclusive virtual experiences, personalized recommendations, or gamified rewards.

7. Instructional Guides: AR can provide interactive instructional guides or tutorials, helping customers assemble or use products effectively.

8. In-Store Entertainment: Retailers can use AR to provide interactive and immersive entertainment experiences in-store, attracting and engaging customers.

9. Virtual Fitting Rooms: AR can create virtual fitting rooms where customers can see themselves wearing different clothing items in the correct size and fit.

10. Visualize Home Decor: Retailers in the home decor sector can use AR to allow customers to visualize how furniture or decor items would look in their own spaces before making a purchase decision.