What are the top 10 technological solutions for combating climate change?

1. Renewable energy: Increasing the use and development of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power.
2. Energy storage: Advanced energy storage technologies like batteries to store renewable energy, ensuring a more reliable and consistent power supply.
3. Energy efficiency: Improving energy efficiency in buildings, transportation, and industries to reduce overall energy consumption and emissions.
4. Electric vehicles (EVs): Widespread adoption of electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure to reduce transportation-related emissions.
5. Carbon capture and storage (CCS): Developing and implementing technologies that capture carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and industries, and storing them underground or utilizing them in other industries.
6. Sustainable agriculture: Promoting sustainable farming practices, precision agriculture, and reducing emissions from livestock and fertilizer use.
7. Smart grids: Developing intelligent electricity grids that enable better management, integration, and optimization of renewable energy sources and demand response.
8. Circular economy: Encouraging resource efficiency and waste reduction through recycling, reuse, and sustainable design, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
9. Carbon pricing: Implementing a carbon pricing system, such as a carbon tax or emissions trading, to incentivize industries to reduce emissions and invest in cleaner technologies.
10. Climate modeling and prediction: Advancing climate modeling and prediction capabilities to understand and predict the potential impacts of climate change, enabling effective mitigation and adaptation strategies.