Which are the top 10 online platforms for learning about AI and ML?

1. Coursera – Offers a wide range of AI and ML courses from top universities and institutions.
2. edX – Provides courses on AI and ML from leading universities and industry experts.
3. Udemy – Offers a vast selection of AI and ML courses at various skill levels.
4. Stanford University’s Online AI course – An online course by Stanford University, widely regarded as one of the best in the field.
5. Kaggle – A platform for data science and machine learning, providing datasets, competitions, and learning resources.
6. Google AI Education – Google offers a range of online courses, tutorials, and resources for AI and ML.
7. MIT OpenCourseWare – Provides freely accessible online courses, including AI and ML courses from MIT.
8. Udacity – Offers AI and ML nanodegree programs and individual courses taught by industry experts.
9. DataCamp – Specializes in data science and offers courses on AI, ML, and related topics.
10. IBM AI Learning – IBM provides various online resources and courses to learn about AI and ML, including their AI Engineering Professional Certificate program on Coursera.

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